Robert Klemp

I participated in a Felton Training Group CCW class in Oak Brook Terrace at the Holiday Inn in December of 2013. I would recommend this course to anyone truly interested in concealed carry in the State of Illinois. Please note that I have a Ph.D. in education and have taught 34+ years in public education, my youngest student was 3 my eldest was 80! Felton uses practical teaching methods of describing what you will learn, then delivering instruction, followed by what you learned-pedagogy. Jim Watts our instructor is a hands on, knowledgeable resource. I didn’t agree with every thing he said, but for the most part he was a straight arrow. I am an avid sportsman of 50+ years and he didn’t talk down to his audience even though he had people attending class that had never fired or owned a weapon. Tough act to perform, bur executed well! Rgk