Mr. Andre' P. A. Jones Sr.

Hi, A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being retrained all over again by one of your instructors and please don't get mad if I cannot recall his name. I just wanted to say that he was extremely knowledgeable of his craft and it should not go unnoticed that he articulated the classroom material with professionalism and the can do attitude towards his craftsmanship and others for whom he trained. I have recommended your services to many of my coworkers and hope they follow through. I guess they are waiting to see how I finish but again as I told them past or fail they should go and sign up and I'm sure they will do just that. Again, I was delighted and I'm looking to get with a staff member to complete whatever paper work that's needed before and or after the range. I'm scheduled for April 28th 2014. I guess we trainees will receive our marching orders soon. So I like to thank you for your service it was informative and on target. Sincerely, Mr. Andre' P. A. Jones Sr.