Terry Mosteller

I attended this class on 29JUN2013. I found Nate to be a highly competent instructor. He began the class by listing his credentials, establishing his qualifications based on training and experience. He paused after every portion to ask if there where any questions on the info that had just been covered before moving on to the next point. He effectively answered all questions in a manner that did not make any of the participants feel dumb for asking the question. All of the information was presented in a clear, concise, easy to understand manner and he used examples from his own experience along with clear demonstrations whenever possible. Once we arrived at the shooting range for the practical evaluation portion of the class, he worked with each student individually to insure that they had a complete understanding of the principles involved in the safe and effective handling of a weapon before asking them if they sere ready to be evaluated. There was no rush to just "push 'em through and get it over with" but rather a sincere dedication to teaching how to do it correctly. All of his advice was tailored to the individual based on their own body structure, natural stance, and level of demonstrated skill. After ten years in the military, and extensive experience with training with multiple weapons systems, my unbiased assessment of this class is that is geared toward the first time shooter and the development of strong basic safety skills which are critical to the individual shooter becoming proficient in the use of firearms. He also gave clear information regarding the concealed carry application process so that no one had any doubt as to how to get it done. Just in case you are thinking that these folks made this whole thing up just to promote themselves, feel free to contact me at; caarngmedic@gmail.com and I will be happy to respond to any inquiries to the best of my ability. Bear in mind: I am not an instructor, and I am NOT QUALIFIED to teach any portion of this class.....but I am willing to share info on what this class has done for me.